The Fuck is this? intends to be some sort of community hub for dota2.
It currently just features a countdown that may get update for several events (such as big patches, tournaments, special livestreams etc.) as well as some one-liners and a few guides in case you want to step up your game.

Why shouldn't I use dotafire, dotamastery or whatever for this?

You can and absolutely should. Quas-Wex-Exort does not intend to be an alternative to these sites. Instead I want this to become some sort of bookmarking service for good guides out there.

Plans and Technology.

Future plans include some minigames, integration of some services (like more info on heroes), social media dashboards and such. In case you want to contribute, feel free to do so.

The only thing that is guaranteed: No Ads. No Paywall. No Donations.

The technology stack behind this is pretty easy: Laravel as a PHP Backend and API, Vue.js 2.0 for Frontend stuff, a full featured server as a platform, Github for VCS and Steam Login via OAuth to remove just another password to get leaked remember.

Created by /u/karreerose.

gl hf.